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Blue Grass Spotlight: Andy Nelson, Director of Operations

Education and Early Career 

Andy Nelson earned his Bachelor of Science in Chemistry from the University of Louisville. He began his career in the chemical industry in Research & Development, focusing on the desulphurization of gas feed into the Syngas processes. 

Career Progression 

After his initial role, Andy moved into Pilot Plant R&D, where he gained valuable experience in scaling up catalyst production from lab scale to trial sizes. This expertise led him to transition into the Process Engineering Group, where he further honed his skills in taking processes from pilot scale to full commercial production. 

Leadership in Production 

Andy then took on the role of Production Shift Supervisor, overseeing a team of operators responsible for running three major production lines. His leadership ensured smooth operations and efficient production processes. 

Lean-Six Sigma Black Belt 

A significant milestone in Andy's career was his certification as a Lean-Six Sigma Black Belt by TüV. He became the site black belt responsible for the Lean-Sigma Program at the Clariant Catalyst sites in the USA. Andy later advanced to become the master black belt for the entire catalyst business unit, coaching project managers globally and working internationally in Germany. 

Strategic Management and Business Development 

Andy transitioned to a role in the oil services industry, where he led a team of data analysts and joined the management team to improve data transparency and literacy, ultimately leading to improved decision making throughout the business. He then served as the COO for a specialty chemical company out of the Houston area, focusing on scaling operations to accommodate the revenue growth. During his tenure, revenue and output more than doubled, and his team grew to around 35 people. 

Joining Blue Grass Chemical Specialties 

Andy chose to return to the Louisville area and joined Blue Grass Chemical Specialties as the Director of Operations. His goal is to leverage his diverse experience to help the company adapt and grow sustainably, drawing from his successes and lessons learned throughout his career. 

Andy Nelson's career trajectory demonstrates his commitment to excellence, continuous improvement, and strategic leadership, making him a valuable asset to Blue Grass Chemical Specialties. 

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